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Hi, this is WhiskieA better way to experience
music on tumblr

Whiskie collects all the audio posts from any tumblog or your tumblr feed and displays them in one easy to use interface.

"But I don't have a tumblr account!" you say? Got you covered!

If you'd like to find out more first, here's a 3 minute video:

No Tumblr account? No problem:

  • You can still use Whiskie to listen to the music of individual tumblr accounts.
  • Want to give it a quick try? Open in Whiskie!
  • Open tumblr blogs in whiskie using the chrome plugin or bookmarklet
  • Don't know that many music tumblrs? Here are some good ones
  • Or just append the tumblr url or name to

Getting stuff into Whiskie:

  • There's a tiny Chrome extension that shows you which pages can be opened in Whiskie, and how many audio tracks they have. It looks like this: 217 tracks! On one single tumblr! And there's over 40 million of them!
  • All-purpose Listen in Whiskie bookmarklet that tries to open the current page in Whiskie. Just drag it into your bookmarks bar.

Don't know any music tumblrs yet?

  • Fear not, here are a couple to get you started:

Do you post music on your tumblr?

  • Just link to to give your visitors a great way of listening to all the music you've posted. Use your tumblr blog name or the URL of your blog. If you use a custom URL, even that will work.

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